Squadra supports retail companies, wholesale organizations and manufacturers in their Digital Transformation and in improving their overall Customer Experience. We do that by sharing our best Product Information Management (PIM) practices with these organizations as to how to collect and manage all their product master data in one system for PIM. We help to create one single, trusted version of the truth and ensure the distribution of high quality, consistent product data across all omnichannel initiatives.

”Deliver a better overall customer experience by creating one single source of product information”

In order to create a perfect overall experience that sets you apart from the competition, you need to be able to serve the customer with accurate product information across every channel. Rich and accurate Product information need to be available in every customer touchpoint, from the e-commerce site to the electronic price tag in the brick and mortar store, from the app to the mail-order catalog, and in the Point of Sale system. Being able to quickly populate these touchpoints with rich and accurate product data is essential. That’s where Squadra’s knowledge of Product Information Management (PIM) comes in. With PIM, you create one single version of the truth that provides reliable data for every system and business process.

Business drivers for a PIM solution

  • Fulfil market needs for rich product data to stay competitive
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to high quality product information
  • Prerequisite for e-Commerce Business Model
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Faster time to market (product introductions, campaigns & promotions)
  • Efficient business operations and processes (cost efficiency)
  • Increased data quality and accuracy
  • Regulatory compliance

”One of the largest retailer in The Netherlands requested from one of the manufactures to submit 300+ product data fields within a short timeframe. Data had to be gathered from different systems, sources and departments. This was only possible with a central maintained product data repository!”

Our PIM services

Squadra is market leader in the PIM domain. The combination of business process understanding, market knowledge, understanding of data architectures and PIM expertise helps us to bring your Product Information Management to a higher level.

Using Squadra’s SCOPE approach our experienced professionals help you to create a complete solution that is fit for purpose. SCOPE provides a clear transformation path. That being said, we don’t need to run the whole five-step program from beginning to end in order to be successful. We support our customers at any stage in their digital transformation. In each stage of this five-step approach, Squadra provides different service offerings that contribute to a successful implementation of PIM. 



Strategy contains the following services:

Development of Omni-channel
Vision and Strategy
Trusted Advisor and engagement

Change Readiness

Change Readiness contains the following services:

PIM Maturity Assessment
Gap/Fit Analysis
Business Case Development
Data Quality Assessment

Outline Solution

Outline Solution contains the following services:

Business Requirements definition for PIM
Definition of outline
Architecture for Organization, Process, Data and Technology
Software selection (RFP)
Vendor review
Job profile definition

Project Definition

Project Definition contains the following services:

Definition of Project
Initiation Document/ Project plan
PMO support
Setup project
Organisation and RACI

Execution & Evaluation

Execution & Evaluation contains the following services:

Program- and Project Management
PMO support
Resourcing MDM/PIM related skills
Benefits management
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